Traditionally, fruit production has been carried out on the Nagygombos estate of the former Duke Grassalkovich Family, then Crown Estate, for several hundred years. In the plateau suitable for the production of excellent aroma, primarily stone fruits, Gödöllői Tangazdaság zRt. re-planted its own - plum, sour cherry, apricot and cherry - orchards some 4-5 years ago, on 323 hectares, which provides excellent raw materials for the production of Nagygombos Pálinka.Today, the Lőrinci production plant of Gombosi Pálinkafőző Kft. is one of the largest functioning new investments in Hungary with this objective: producing traditional products, the so-called Hungaricums.After gathering the perfectly ripe, selected fruits, we manufacture our pálinkas by following traditional technologies during the course of ripening and distillation, and by also reviving such centuries-long traditions as those of Franciscan monks.We process the pitted fruit, fermented with a special chilling technology, in pot-stills made from copper, with periodical distillation.Our pálinkas are made from only the medium distillates, loyally reflecting the flavours and fragrances of ripe fruits. During the course of careful distillation, by applying the most modern techniques and technological processes currently known, we obtain the quality raw materials that the special, wooden-barrel mellowing turns into an unparalleled piece of art under the supervision of excellently trained masters of pálinka.